Foldable, Lightweight Motorized Electric Wheelchair From KD

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Do you have difficulty getting going to where you love? You might be surprised that a solution exists for better mobility. KD Smart Chair has the lightest most convenient power electric wheelchair in the industry. KD power wheelchairs support up to 365 pounds pounds without any problems and is very durable.

KD Portable Electric Wheelchair Has Been Featured On The Doctors


Here are just some of the benefits of getting a lightweight motorized electric wheelchair:

  1. KD wheelchairs weigh only 50 pounds
  2. You can fold it in seconds and can fit in a closet or an SUV
  3. The lithium ion batter will last up to 15 miles
  4. KD electric wheelchairs are FDA cleared medical device
  5. Joystick can be on the left or right armrest
  6. KD offers an unbeatable 3 year warranty
  7. Virtually no maintenance
  8. KD Smart Chairs are some of the most durable electric wheelchairs
  9. Removal chair and seat cover for easy cleaning
  10. Dual wheel brushless motors, which is more efficient than traditional brushed motors
  11. Move joystick to the left or right side of your electric wheelchair
  12. KD parts are very affordable and easy to change

What others are saying


This chair is all it is advertised to be. It is easy to load into my little car, the battery sustains an incredible charge!The motor and brake are excellent and the cable harness is set in the most accurate and convenient manner. The chair is lightweight & easy to use…I highly thigh chair if you are looking for reliable, well crafted power chair!




The KD Smart Chair is just Brilliant! My mother has regained her mobility and it has given her hope back in life. I want to thank Roland & Lenny at KD for making this happen for me and family. You guys have really made a elderly women smile, we owe it all to you guys…. Cheers






I have tested this product out and it is very impressive! Smooth when in motion, and it was also very portable. The system is very easy to use and the battery life is great. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs mobility assistance.





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Human beings are meant to be free and mobility should not be a factor with where we want to go. With a lightweight electric foldable wheelchair we can free ourselves from the fear of not being able to fit in any environment or if our scooters can’t fit in a vehicle.

KD Smart Chair makes sure you get exactly what you want at an affordable price.

KD Healthcare Warranty For Smart Chair

Hands down, KD has the best warranty in the industry. The wheelchair frame has a 5 year warranty, the motor/batteries/joystick and the control system has a 1 year warranty. And remember, KD offers a 60 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is send the item back for a full refund